4 Best Glock 43 Holsters

Date Updated: November 24th 2018
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Glock 43 one of the best conceal carry guns on the market. With the reliability glock is known for and the perfect size to keep your gun concealed. Weighing in fully loaded at 20.64 oz this gun can pack a punch, but with the best gun you need the best holster. We will be looking at a the best glock 43 holsters on the market. While choosing the best holster we keep in mind a few things, such as concealment, draw speed, and holster retention.

CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster

CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster

For a patriot like myself I love CYA Supply it is a great company, veteran owned and they make all there products in Texas USA. It is becoming harder and harder to find quality items made in the US that does not break the bank. At just 33 dollars this holster is made from similar material as Kydex called Boltaron thermoplastic, it is a very durable material that is abrasion resistant, chemical resistant and keeps its shape better in high heat then normal Kydex holsters. This CYA holsters retention is also adjustable to fit your liking. CYA only puts there name on the best of the best products, so you will be in good hands picking up one of these holsters. With so many different finishes and colors they have a holster for everybody.

Tulster w/TLR-6 Holster IWB Profile Holster

Tulster w/TLR-6 Holster IWB Profile Holster

For those of you who like to carry your glock with a mounted light we found the best glock 43 TLR 6 holster. This Tulster holster is durable light weight and boasts its minimal to zero "drag" until retention point for minimal holster wear which is usually impossible to get away from with Kydex holsters. The Tulster clicks into place when holstering it so you know when you are fully holstered, which you don't get from comparably leather holsters. The only drawback with this holster is it doesn't work unless you have the Streamlight TLR-6 mounted on the glock, but it is the best choice if you like to keep your Streamlight mounted on your glock 43. If you are left handed they have that too, check it out here.

BLACKHAWK! SERPA CQC Concealment Holster

BlackHawk! SERPA CQC Concealment Holster

This list would not be complete without a level 2 OWB retention holster. Finding the best level 2 retention holster for your glock 43 was not very difficult due to the fact BLACKHAWK makes some of the best holsters for the money. This BLACKHAWK holster is equipped with a retention adjustment feature, Speed-cut design for rapid draw, and includes a belt loop and paddle mount platform since this holster is carried outside the waistband. The only drawback to this holster is since it is is used over the waist band it is a little more noticeable depending on that you wear. It is best if you want to keep your weapon completely concealed to wear a jacket or something a little more bulky. With that said this is a great durable CCW holster. Lastly on BLACKHAWK's website this holster is listed for $50 so this is a great price for a quality holster. A quick note if you choose this holster make sure to select the right model for your gun under the "Size" dropdown since they do make holsters for many makes/models.

Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster

Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster

If you are not a fan of polymer holsters we got a you covered. Hand made in the USA from Genuine bullhide Leather Relentless Tactical makes top notch holster for pretty much any subcompact pistol. One of the most comfortable IWB holsters available these holsters have great quality stitching that doesn't seem like it will come un-done or fray very easily. The clip is made of very sturdy steel which I was happy about since some plastic clips seem to be able to break easily if bent in the wrong direction. For 40 dollars this holster feels like a top quality piece, and paired with a lifetime warranty I could not recommend this holster enough.


When it comes to choosing the holster that is right for you, it really comes down to the style and material you prefer since they are all so different. The holsters above are companied with high quality materials, minimalistic design and a small amount of moving parts, can without a doubt perform reliably and stand the test of time.

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