Best Glock Lights [2023]

Date Updated: January 3rd 2023
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If you're someone who relies on their Glock for self-defense, everyday carry, or any other practical application, you're going to want to invest in a top-notch light to pair with it. After all, a high-quality light can make all the difference in a potentially dangerous situation. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the best light for your Glock?

First and foremost, reliability is key. You want a light that can handle the recoil of your Glock and withstand any combat conditions it may face. You also want to consider the output or brightness of the light. A versatile beam configuration with both flood and spot settings is ideal, as it allows you to locate threats at both close and medium range.

Compactness is another factor to consider. Depending on your setup, you may value a smaller, more discreet light for comfort and concealment purposes, or you may prioritize a larger light for home defense. Either way, you don't want a light that's so big it gets in the way of your grip or handling of the weapon.

And of course, you'll want to think about battery life. Nothing is more troubling than running out of juice at a crucial moment, so a light with a long-lasting battery is essential. Finally, don't forget about ergonomics. You want a light that's comfortable and easy to use, so you can focus on the task at hand rather than fumbling with your equipment.

Our Top Picks at a Glance

Why do you need a light for your Glock?

If you're concerned about home invasions and burglaries, it's important to be prepared for the worst. According to the FBI in 2021, there were 586,564 burglary incidents, and a significant number of those happen at night. So if you want to protect yourself and your loved ones, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of what you're shooting at.

But even if break-ins aren't a concern for you, a light can still be a valuable tool for self-defense. It can disorient an attacker and give you those crucial extra seconds you need to react. Plus, a light can help with follow-up shots and even act as a counterweight to prevent muzzle rise after each shot.

With that said, we've carefully selected a few lights that we believe are the best options for Glock owners. These lights offer reliability, brightness, versatility, and other important features that can make all the difference in a dangerous situation. So without further ado, here are our top picks.

Best Compact Glock Light

Streamlight 69250 TLR-7
Streamlight 69250 TLR-7

Key Features:

  • 500 Lumens
  • Waterproof up to 1 meter for 30 minutes
  • 1.5 hours of continuous run time
  • User enabled strobe function

If you're on the hunt for the best compact Glock light, the Streamlight TLR-7 is definitely worth a look. This little light packs a big punch with its 500 lumen output, programmable strobe function, and ambidextrous switches that make it easy to use no matter which hand you prefer. It's also built to last, with machined aircraft aluminum and a shock-mounted glass lens that make it both durable and waterproof.

The TLR-7 is the perfect combination of size and power, offering a concentrated beam and excellent peripheral illumination. It can easily light up a room while still providing a strong, focused beam that can blind any potential threats. And with an evolved on/off switch that's designed to prevent accidental activations, you can trust that this light will be there for you when you need it.

Whether you're using it for everyday carry, tactical operations, or self-defense, the TLR-7 is the perfect choice. It's small enough to be discreet and comfortable to carry, but powerful enough to handle any situation. And with its high-quality construction and great value for its price, it's a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to upgrade their Glock light. Not to mention there are a few great holsters it can pair well with.

TLR-7 Pairs Well With
outlaw holster
Outlaw Kydex Holster
Many who get a TLR-7 usually pair it with a compatible holster such as the the Outlaw Kydex Holster
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Best Glock Light Laser Combo

Streamlight TLR-2 Or TLR-2 HL(G)
Streamlight TLR-2 Or TLR-2 HL(G)
See It

Key Features:

  • TLR-2: 300 Lumens; TLR-2(HL): 800 Lumens
  • waterproof up to 1 meter for 30 minutes
  • 2.5 hours of continuous run time
  • User enabled strobe function

Looking for the perfect Glock light? Look no further than the TLR-2 from Streamlight! This light is a top choice for those in search of a reliable, durable, and versatile light that can handle just about anything you throw its way.

The TLR-2 comes in two versions - the standard model with a 300 lumen output and red laser, and the HL (high lumen) model with a whopping 800 lumen output and green laser. The main difference between the two is the lumen output and laser specs/color, and the choice between the two will depend on your intended use and comfort level with high lumen lights. Just be aware that high lumen lights can cause bounce back and disorientation when used indoors with light-colored walls and mirrors, so if you're planning on using it indoors, you may want to go with the lower lumen light to prevent any mishaps.

But whether you choose the standard or HL model, you can trust that the TLR-2 will hold up to rough handling and harsh environments. It's made with a machined aluminum body and has an IPX4 rated design for water resistance, so it can withstand all kinds of abuse. And even if you do manage to put it through its paces, it'll still maintain its zero, so you won't have to worry about any accuracy issues.

So why settle for less when you can have the best? Upgrade your Glock light game with the TLR-2 from Streamlight. With its durability, versatility, and reputation for producing top-quality products, you can't go wrong with this light. Plus, with the added convenience of a laser, it's sure to meet all your needs and exceed your expectations. So don't wait - get your TLR-2 today and light up the night!

TLR-2 Pairs Well With Blackhawk
Blackhawk Omnivore MultiFit Holster for Streamlight TLR 1&2
Since the TLR-1 & TLR-2 are very popular you will have more holster options, such as this Blackhawk Omnivore, which works great for all Glock models.
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Best All Round Glock Light

SureFire X300U
SureFire X300U

Key Features:

  • 300 Lumens
  • 2.5 hours of continuous run time
  • User enabled strobe function

Looking for the best of the best when it comes to Glock lights? Look no further than the SureFire X300! This light is the Cadillac of pistol lights, offering top-tier performance and features that set it apart from the competition.

One of the standout features of the X300 is its ambidextrous switch, which makes it easy to use no matter which hand you prefer. It also has an optional pressure-activated switch for precision control without altering your grip on the weapon. This is a super convenient feature that lets you deploy or disable the light the second you need it.

Now, the X300 is a bit bulkier than some of the other lights on the market, so it's best suited for full-size Glocks like the 17, 17(L), or 34. And because it's on the larger side, the tip of the light can protrude beyond the muzzle. This can lead to lead build-up that can be a bit annoying to clean off every once in a while, but it's not a huge issue.

But if you're looking for even more light, the SureFire X300 has a sister product - the X300 Ultra X300U-B. This model differs from the "A" model by having a harder-to-remove quick release, which may or may not be an issue depending on your needs. It also boasts an impressive 1000 lumen output, which is enough to use for umbrella lighting (shining it on the ceiling to light up the room). And with a neutral color temperature that's not too warm or too blue, the X300U-B is sure to hit the sweet spot for most people.

So if you're in the market for the crème de la crème of Glock lights, the SureFire X300U-B is definitely worth a look. It may come with a higher price tag, but its top-of-the-line performance and features make it a worthwhile investment for those who demand the best.

SureFire X300U Pairs Well SAFARILAND Glock Holster
SAFARILAND Glock 17/22 Holster Compat with Surefire X300U
Mid-ride level III Retention duty holster, fits your Glock and X300U nicely.
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SureFire X300U Pairs Well BLACKHAWK Omnivore MultiFit
BLACKHAWK Omnivore MultiFit | Glock with Surefire X300U
If you have a Glock with a X300U, this holster is a great option. you shouldnt be suprised to Blackhawk since they have a comprehensive lineup of holsters.
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Best Glock Light For the Money

Streamlight TLR-1
Streamlight TLR-1

Key Features:

  • 800 Lumens
  • 1.5-hours of continuous run time
  • User enabled strobe function
  • Waterproof up to 1 meter for 30 minutes

The TLR-1 is the best Glock light for the money, it has the quality of Streamlight products and not to mention is equipped with 800 lumens of output, waterproof up to 1 meter, constructed of aircraft aluminum, and a shock-mounted glass lens just like the higher end Streamlight contenders. If that doesn't check all your boxes I don't know what will. The TLR-1 is so great we believe it is the best light in the 100 dollar range at the moment.

The Streamlight TLR-1 is a perfect size as well, not as compact as the TLR-7 and smaller than the TLR-2 (since it does not have the laser). This light is a great move for someone who doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg, but still wants a quality product that can perform under most conditions. Since this light is so popular it has been battle tested by the crowds, and we have not personally seen ours fail over the years on any of our setups.

When it comes to the baby Glock's, there are not many light options, but lucky for you there are some quality ones on the market that would go well with your miniature Glock.

TLR-1 Pairs Well unsurprisingly With Blackhawk
Blackhawk Omnivore MultiFit Holster for Streamlight TLR-1
TLR-1 is one of the most popular glock mounted lights, so it comes to no suprise that there are a few holster otpions including this blackhawk.
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Best Rechargable Glock Light

OLIGHT PL-Pro Valkyrie

Key Features:

  • 1500 Lumens and 280 meters beam.
  • Rechargable, includes magnetic charing cable
  • 90 minute run time
  • Waterproof rating IPX6
  • Includes Strobe Option

The Olight PL-Pro Valkyrie is a top-of-the-line choice for those in need of a reliable, rechargeable Glock light. With a super bright output of up to 1500 lumens and a beam distance of 280 meters, it's perfect for illuminating even the darkest of environments.

One of the standout features of the PL-Pro Valkyrie is its convenient charging system. Instead of having to remove the battery or plug it into a port that may wear out over time, the weaponlight can be charged directly by connecting it to a magnetic USB cable.

In terms of compatibility, the PL-Pro Valkyrie comes with both GL rail and 1913 rail adapters, making it suitable for use with a variety of firearms not just your glock. It also includes a magnetic remote pressure switch that can be connected to the magnetic charging port for added convenience.

Installation is a breeze with the PL-Pro Valkyrie's manual quick attach and release mounting system, which allows you to easily install and remove the light within half a second. This makes it really convenient if you like to remove it when you want to send some rounds down range.

The PL-Pro Valkyrie has been upgraded with a lockout mode and silent ambidextrous ON/OFF switch. To activate the light, simply push forward or tap the side of the switch.

Overall, the Olight PL-Pro Valkyrie is a top-performing, reliable choice for anyone in need of a high-quality rechargable Glock light. Also if you are wondering about holster options, this light fits holsters intended for the TLR-1 HL as well, and we know there isn't a shortage of those.

Best Lights for Subcompact Glock's

Streamlight TLR-6

Streamlight TLR-6

Key Features:

  • 100 lumen constant light and 140 lumen strobe mode.
  • Ultra lightweight and compact.
  • Batteries can be replaced while light remains mounted on gun.

Now to talk about the Streamlight TLR-6. Trust me, the TLR-6 is worth getting excited about since it covers all the bases for most glock models, even the baby glocks.

First off this glock light is designed specifically for use with Glock 42, 43, 43X, and 48 models (no rail or MOS required). It's also ambidextrous, with a push-button switch on both sides, so it's easy to use whether you're a righty or a lefty. And let's be real, sometimes you just need to switch things up and use your off-hand.

One of the things I really appreciate about the TLR-6 is its 10-minute auto shut-off feature. It conserves batteries, which is especially important when you're out in the field and may not have access to replacements. And speaking of batteries, the TLR-6 uses two CR1/3N lithium ones, which are included in the package. Plus, you can replace the batteries while the light is still mounted on your firearm. No need to unmount and remount the thing every time the batteries die.

The TLR-6 also has a contoured housing that securely attaches to your weapon and a removable cover for easy attachment and detachment. And because we all have way too much gear, it's serialized for positive identification. Never mix up your TLR-6 with someone else's again.

In short, the Streamlight TLR-6 is a reliable and efficient weapon light that's perfect for anyone looking to add versatility to there compact glock. Its ultra-compact and lightweight design make it easy to use, and it'll give you the confidence you need to take on any situation.

Best Subcompact Glock 42 & 43 Glock Light

Crimson Trace Laserguard with Tactical Light and Laser
Crimson Trace

Key Features:

  • Over 2 hours of battery life
  • Brightest laser allowed by law (Class 3R visible green laser)
  • Compatible with Glock 42 & Glock 43
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty and free Batteries for life

The Crimson Trace is another great light option for your Glock 42 and Glock 43. The Crimson Trace comes equipped with an ultra bright laser (the brightest allowed by law) and a few ergonomic features. The light has easy to use front activation buttons and an automatic activation feature. The crimson makes a holster separately that will fit your gun and light combo, so no more hinting for a compatible holster. Equipped with less lumens than most of the other options, does not mean we should cast this Glock light to the side, especially if this is your EDC firearm. If you are running a smaller Glock we believe it may be too much to have 800 lumens on such a small gun. This light strikes a good balance between lumen output and gun size. This Glock light is a great option for those looking for a quality light from a trust worthy company.

Glock Light Holsters

So you have picked your light, and now you need a holster that fits your light mounted Glock. There are not too many options on the market for holsters that fit with lights due to the fact there are so many different sizes and variations for lights. The best ones we have seen on the market is made by T-Rex Arms and Fobus Tactical.

Glock Light Compatible Ragnarok Holster

USA Made
light Compatible Ragnarok

The Ragnarok holster was made to be extremely modular, tough, modern, and fast. Made from heavy duty Kydex, this holster is a passive-retention holster, with screws to adjust the retention rate. Being able to fit almost all Glock models ,this is a great holster for anyone who has a light mounted on there gun. T-Rex Arms are one of the smaller companies out there that makes gun accessories, but they are top quality. It's best to order your holster anytime but holidays, they tend to sell out fairly quickly.

Versitile Holster for Tactical Lights

USA Made
Outlaw Holsters: OWB Kydex Holster

Are you in search of a holster for your Glock with a compact tac light attached? Look no further than Outlaw Holsters, this OWB Kydex holster is designed for outside the waistband carry and is specifically made to fit Glock 19, 23, and 32 - Gen 3, 4, and 5 models with the TLR-7 or TLR-7A light attached.

This holster is made in the USA with the highest quality materials, ensuring maximum durability and longevity. Plus, with a one year replacement warranty, you can trust in the craftsmanship and reliability of our product.

One con of this holster is it requires the TLR-7 or TLR-7A light to be attached to your Glock in order to function properly, giving you peace of mind knowing that your gun is securely in place.

Choosing the Best Glock Light (Buyers Guide)

Although we did cover the best Glock lights for the money and overall quality, you still might not have found a match for you, so we will cover how to choose a quality light for your Glock.

Glock Light Sizes

Full-size Glocks have a universal rail, so it's not hard to find a light that will fit. When it comes to full-size Glocks, there are many options to choose from. Brands like Streamlight and Surefire are well-known and trusted, and their lights are generally of good quality.

Another factor to consider when choosing a light for your full-size Glock is the type of battery it uses. We tend to favor lights that use popular batteries, since they are easier to come by and tend to be cheaper. If you are considering a light that uses less common batteries make sure to stock up. It's also a good idea to look at where the light is made and what kind of warranty it comes with. A good warranty is a sign that the manufacturer stands behind their product, and lights that are made in the USA are generally a safe bet.

As for subcompact Glocks like the Glock 26 and the Glock 43, your options are more limited. With One of our favorite subcompact Glock lights mentioned above is the TLR-6 and Viridian Reactor 5 which will fit the Glock 26 nicely, there are also some compatible holsters Viridian makes.

Glock Light Lumen Output

When it comes to brightness, we tend to go for medium to high light output lights. High lumen lights can be a bit of a learning curve to use effectively, but with practice, you can become very effective with them. These lights can be especially useful for outdoor use, where you need more light to see a wider area.

For indoor use, you may want to choose a light with a lower lumen output. This will be enough to see what's in front of you, but it won't necessarily blind the perpetrator. It also won't blind you if you shine it on white walls or mirrors.

In summary, the lumen output of a Glock light is an important consideration. For outdoor use, a high lumen light can be effective, but it may take some practice to use it well. For indoor use, a lower lumen light may be sufficient and can help prevent you from blinding yourself.

Glock Light Durability

The durability of your Glock light is extremely important, especially because you don't want it to fail when you need it most. When evaluating the durability of a Glock light, there are a few key factors to consider.

First, the material that the light is made of is important. The best Glock lights are typically made of strong, aircraft-rated aluminum, which is both lightweight and strong. This type of material can withstand the rigors of regular use and is less likely to break or fail.

Another important factor is water resistance. A waterproof Glock light is essential, as it allows you to use the light in wet conditions, such as rain and snow. This can be especially useful if you use your Glock for outdoor activities like hunting or camping.

Overall, when choosing a Glock light, be sure to consider the durability of the light. Look for a light that is made of strong, lightweight material and that is waterproof, so that it can withstand regular use and harsh conditions.

Glock Light Ergonomics

When it comes to choosing the best Glock lights, ergonomics should be a major factor in your decision. A light that is not designed with ergonomics in mind can be difficult to manipulate and use effectively.

One of the most important ergonomic features to look for in a Glock light is an easy-to-use activation switch. The switch should be located in a natural and intuitive place, so that you can quickly turn the light on and off as needed. A poorly designed switch can cause you to fumble and waste valuable time in a high-stress situation.

Another key feature to consider is ambidextrous design. A Glock light that can be easily activated with either hand is essential for shooters who are left-handed or who want to be able to operate the light with either hand. This can give you greater flexibility and control when using your Glock in different situations.

Finally, it's important to choose a Glock light that is not in the way when you are shooting. A light that is too large or too heavy can throw off your balance and hinder your accuracy. Look for a light that is compact and lightweight, so that it doesn't interfere with your shooting.

Glock Light Cost

When it comes to Glock lights, you typically get what you pay for. But that doesn't mean you have to spend a lot to get a quality light. In the price range around $100, you can find a Glock light that has most of the features you want, such as being waterproof and made of strong material. The company that makes the light should also be reputable.

In the $200+ range, you can start to look at professional-grade Glock lights. These lights may have features like a built-in laser, a compact design, longer battery life, and a light weight.

When shopping for a Glock light, it's important to also consider the type of batteries it uses. If the batteries are hard to find or expensive to replace, it can end up costing you more in the long run. If you do choose a light with uncommon batteries, it's a good idea to have a small stockpile on hand.

In short, when purchasing a Glock light, be aware of the cost and the type of batteries it uses. A light that is reasonably priced and uses widely available batteries can be a good value and save you money in the long run.

Glock Light Installation

Installing a Glock light is generally straightforward. For full-size Glocks, they have a universal rail that the light can simply slide onto. Most lights don't require anything more then a flathead, and they come with a small screw that you can loosen to slide the light onto the grooves of the Glock. Once the light is in place, you just need to tighten the screw and you're done.

For subcompact Glocks, the process is a little different. These lights typically come with a set of hex screws that are used to clamp the light onto the frame of the gun. You will need a set of allen wrenches to install these lights, and a flat-head screwdriver may be helpful for cinching down the light.

Installing a Glock light is not difficult and most people can do it themselves with just a few basic tools. If you need help or have any questions, there are many online resources and forums where you can find answers and advice.

Top Glock Light Brands

There are a few companies that lead the weapon mounted light business. Finding a light from one of these companies will be your best bet

surefire logo


Amongst all the weapon light brands Surefire has definitely made a great name for themselves, making quality lights for just about every occasion. Surefire not only has weapon lights, but flashlights, helmet lights, and headlamps as well.

Most Surefire lights are extremely bright, have great ergonomics, and have a wide variety of sizes and specs. It's safe to say Surefire is one of the best civilian facing weapon light companies.

streamlight logo


Streamlight has been around since 1973, and our favorite brand for a few reasons, they have affordable options and make extremely great quality products.

Streamlight products have no problem lasting in rough conditions, since they are usually built to be waterproof, and have a shell made with aircraft aluminum. Versatile enough to fit most popular striker fire handguns, these lights are a smart choice.

Even if you need a different lighting application, odds are Streamlight has what you are looking for. Headlamps, Safety Rated Lights, Lanterns, Ultra-Violet/Infra-Red are just a few examples of what Streamlight has to offer.

Glock Lights F.A.Q.

After a few thousand rounds at the range the glass gets quite dirty. What's the best way to clean it?

When you are shooting with your light on, you have to worry about build up from the gas expelling from the muzzle, and the glass on your light gets dirty also. The best solvent we have used that gets it cleaned up is simply some rubbing alcohol with a towel. Don't use any kind of abrasive brushes or tools because it's easy to scratch the light lens.

How many lumens is too many?

This is a common question and an age old debate. What we typically do is buy for our rig. If you are running a Glock mini, 800 lumens might be overwhelming and you could easily go with something that has half that. As for something like the Glock 19 or 17, 800 lumens is a good option, as long as you practice with the light. Take note to buy for the size of your gun, the more the light protrudes beyond the muzzle, the dirtier the light will get when you shoot it.

Will the light scratch my gun?

There's nothing worse than getting your otherwise perfect gun scratched up, but you may not have to worry about that. The Glock lights we listed above are very high-quality and have great engineering behind them. What we found is that as long as you tighten the light adequately so it doesn't move when the recoil hits, you should be able to avoid it getting scratched. On another note, since the Glock has a polymer frame, it doesn't have the same scratch prone tendencies as a metal frame gun.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the best Glock light for you, pick the one you are most comfortable purchasing at that price range, as well as the one that best fits your application. Since all the lights listed perform so well you wont be making a bad descision. This list is dominated by Streamlight but what can we say, they make a darn good light and we do stand by the products they make.

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