Cleaning Kit Finder

9mm, .40, .45, shotguns you name it, we can help you find the right cleaning kits just for your needs. Answer the questions below and we will match you with hand picked cleaning kits tailored specifically for you. No more guessing if a cleaning kit is compatible with your guns. If you cannot find any matches make sure you answer all the questions or try adjusting the price range, larger caliber or multi gun cleaning kits tend to cost a bit more.

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    Select ALL the calibers you want us to find a cleaning kit for.

    What caliber firearms are you wanting to clean?
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    If you want to take your cleaning kit to the range, we can show you some options for compact cleaning kits.

    Do you want want compact cleaning kit options?
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    Getting a cleaning kit is the first step, but if you don't already have cleaning solutions, we can show you some of our favorites.

    Do you need a cleaning solution and/or lubricant?
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    Tell us what you are willing to pay (at most) for a pistol case.

    What is your max price range?

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