Pistol Case Finder

Answer the questions below and we will do our best to show results based on the answers you provided. We hand picked pistol cases for almost every scenario, from airline travel to a leisure day at the range. If you don't find any matches try changing some of your answers and hit submit again. If you have a glock, M&P, 1911, or any other handgun we have you covered.

  • 1

    A hard case is great for travel where the soft case is great for day to day use.

    Do you prefer a hard or soft pistol case?
  • 2

    If you plan on using this case for airline travel we will find you airline quality cases that lock.

    Do you need this case for airline travel?
  • 3

    If your using this case for the range, you will most definitely want extra mag space.

    Do you plan on carrying extra magazines?
  • 4

    Typically soft pistol cases hold one to two firearms. Hard pistol cases usually carry anywhere from 1 to 5 handguns.

  • 5

    Tell us what you are willing to pay (at most) for a pistol case.

    What is your max price range?

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